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Eclipse for Lotus Notes Domino

Get an introduction to Eclipse for Lotus Notes Domino with this collection of articles and tutorials, and learn how to start developing with Eclipse today.

Eclipse is an open-source software framework used for delivering rich-client applications. The Eclipse framework can extend the Lotus Notes Domino platform by allowing

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 developers to create and customize their own plug-ins and add-on applications. This made it a natural choice for IBM to build the latest versions of Lotus Notes and Sametime on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP). Get an introduction to Eclipse for Lotus Notes Domino with this collection of articles and tutorials, and learn how to start developing with Eclipse today.

ARTICLES AND TUTORIALS-------------------

Eclipse project resources
Get a solid overview of Eclipse with this guide from IBM. Find out exactly what Eclipse is, what it can do for you, why it's important to Lotus Notes Domino developers, and more. Loads of helpful additional links are also included.

Using Lotus Notes with Eclipse to manage and run your Java programs
Now that you've learned what Eclipse is all about, you can start developing with it. This tutorial will show you the ropes by teaching you how to install Eclipse, how to create new Java projects in Eclipse, and how to create your first Java agent.

Eclipse Learning Guide
Discover links to Eclipse downloads and plug-ins, as well as a multitude of guides, FAQs, tutorials and white papers that will help you understand the in-depth world of Eclipse technology.

Developing Eclipse plug-ins for Lotus Notes and Domino -- 7 tips in 7 minutes
This collection of seven tips from Eclipse: Building Commercial Quality Plug-ins, by Eric Clayberg and Dan Rubel, will teach you the fundamentals you need to understand to successfully develop an Eclipse plug-in for your Lotus Notes Domino environment.

Extending the IBM Lotus Notes 8 mail with Eclipse
Learn how to write Java code with the Eclipse PDE (programming development environment) to extend the Lotus Notes 8 client and use it as your personal email from home.

A whirlwind tour of Eclipse Europa
Eclipse Europa is the simultaneous release of 21 major Eclipse projects. Learn how to install Europa and get a brief overview of all 21 projects included in the rollout.

Get to know Eclipse User Assistance
Read about the Eclipse User Assistance project, which can be used to deliver quality user assistance for your Eclipse-based applications. Topics covered include the Eclipse welcome screen -- which provides access to tutorials and samples for users, cheat sheets and the Eclipse help system. Colorful screenshots accompany this article.

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