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How to change a Lotus Notes user's group membership

Learn how to change or edit a Lotus Notes user's group membership with the Domino Adminstrator client.

The following is tip #1 from "Managing Lotus Notes and Domino users and groups -- 10 tips in 10 minutes," excerpted from Chapter 15 of the book Lotus Notes and Domino 6 System Administrator Exam Cram 2, published by Sams Publishing.

When users change departments or leave the company, administrators are required to perform maintenance on the user profile to change how the user is defined in a group. Editing a group requires ACL access to the Domino Directory with one of the following defined security assignments:

At least Editor with Create Documents privilege
The UserModifier role

Follow these steps to change group membership assignments:

  1. Using the Domino Administrator client, navigate to the People & Groups tab.

  2. Expand the Domino Directories item and select Groups. A list of the valid groups on the server displays in the main navigation window. Select the group that needs to be edited and then click Edit Group and open the Basics tab.

  3. Do not edit the group name (the assigned name of the group) unless absolutely necessary; changing the group name also requires changing the ACLs in databases associated with this name. The maximum length for group names is 62 characters.

  4. Edit the group type by selecting from the available types, described as follows:

    • Multipurpose - Used for multiple types of users. Multipurpose is the default selection.
    • Access Control List Only - Exclusively used to maintain database and server authentication.
    • Mail Only - Exclusively used for mail users.
    • Server Only - Exclusively used for Connection documents and Administrator clients to group domain bookmarks.
    • Deny List Only - Exclusively used for denying access to the server.

    NOTE: You cannot change the group's Category setting; Administration is the only selection.

  5. If you choose to do so, you can add a description of the group to the Description free form field.

  6. In the Mail Domain field, enter the name of the mail domain used by this group.

  7. Identify the group with an Internet address by adding the address to the Internet address field; after you have done so, the group can receive Internet mail.

  8. In the Members field, add, delete, or change the names in the list of users to define the members of the group.

  9. Click Save & Close to save the group changes.

Managing Lotus Notes and Domino users and groups

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This chapter excerpt from Lotus Notes and Domino 6 System Administrator Exam Cram 2, by Karen Fishwick and Tony Aveyard, is printed with permission from Sams Publishing, Copyright 2005. Click here for the chapter download.

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