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Lotus Notes Domino database management and maintenance pointers

Lean how to manage Lotus Notes Domino databases without compromising performance or stability using this collection of tips from our Lotus Notes Domino experts and site members.

The task of managing and maintaining Lotus Notes databases requires a focused approach. Ensuring that your Domino database files remain consistent is imperative to retain data integrity. This comprehensive collection of our best tips, tutorials and expert advice will help you import data into your Lotus Notes Domino database, control database size, make copies from the command line and more, to successfully manage and maintain your Lotus Notes Domino database for uninterrupted performance and stability.


Shrink Lotus Notes databases with several attachments
Discover how to trim the size of Lotus Notes databases containing several attachments with this Java code.

Copy Lotus Notes databases from the Domino server command line
This undocumented technique lets you make copies of Lotus Notes databases from the Domino server console command line, instead of from a Lotus Notes client.

Add a program doc to compact Notes databases automatically
Learn the steps to add a program doc to Lotus Notes users' local public address books (PABs) to compact large Notes databases automatically without closing the client.

'Virtual delete' removes Notes documents from Domino databases 
Get details on how a 'virtual delete' LotusScript solution can remove orphaned and extraneous Lotus Notes documents from your Domino databases.

Easily show and hide layers in a Lotus Notes database
Here are some simple instructions and LotusScript code that you can use to show or hide layers in a Lotus Notes database, courtesy of member Jane Griscti.

Tutorial: How to import data into Lotus Notes -- without programming
You don't need programming experience to import data into Lotus Notes. Contributor Chuck Connell provides step-by-step instructions for three different methods to import data.


Set a value in a field existing in another Lotus Notes database
Learn the LotusScript code you'll need to set a value in a Lotus Notes field that resides in a different Notes database.

Accessing documents in a Lotus Notes database
Notes/Domino development expert Andre Guirard offers some advice on how to access documents in a Lotus Notes database.

Moving a remote user mail database to new Lotus Domino server
When moving a Lotus Notes 5.11 remote user mail database to a new Domino server, is it possible to get to the replicator page via LotusScript to change the "replicate with server" option? Lotus Notes and Domino Server administration expert Mike Lazar weighs in.

'Illegal circular use: Audit Trail' error when opening Lotus Notes docs
Learn why you might receive the error message: "Illegal circular use: Audit Trail" when trying to open Lotus Notes documents that use copied forms.

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