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LotusScript tips and tutorials

Read best-of-breed LotusScript tips and tutorials that will help you take your LotusScript application development skills to the next level.

Exclusive to Lotus Notes Domino, LotusScript is a programming language most often used to develop custom applications that work with back-end Domino databases and the Lotus Notes user interface. Whether you're a novice LotusScript developer, a hardened veteran or just looking for a new and interesting tip, this crash course of best-of-breed LotusScript tips and tutorials will help you take your LotusScript application development skills to the next level.


Tutorial: 30 LotusScript tips 
Divided into 10 beginner, 10 intermediate and 10 advanced tips, this tutorial from Lotus Notes Domino expert Bill Buchan shares techniques and best practices every LotusScript developer should integrate into their personal programming philosophy.

FAQ: LotusScript
Lost in the land of LotusScript? These answers from our experts tackle many frequently asked LotusScript questions.

LotusScript Learning Guide
A compendium of resources, this guide introduces you to LotusScript, explains development best practices and pitfalls to avoid and provides troubleshooting help and advice.

Access Lotus Notes shared resources with a dynamic Domino URL command
Learn how you can use the dynamic Domino R6 URL command
"?OpenFileResource" to access shared resources in a Lotus Notes database.

LotusScript to create a tabular report from a Notes document collection
A Lotus Notes tabular report is similar to copying a table from a view. Use this LotusScript from Hall of Famer Blessan Philip to create a tabular report dynamically from a Lotus Notes document collection.

Creating a column color chart on a Web page using LotusScript
Adding this LotusScript code to an agent will create a simple column chart on a Web page using divs. The script generates random colors and values, so you may need to provide your own values if you want further customization.

How to insert RichText into RichText using LotusScript
You can append Richtext to another RichtextItem using LotusScript, but there's no function that allows you to insert Richtext. But, after some trial and error, member Ulrich Krause has figured out a way it can be done using DXLExport, DXLImport and NotesStream.

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