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Must-know Lotus Notes Domino agents -- 10 tips in 10 minutes

Discover 10 different and creative ways to use and manage Lotus Notes Domino agents to improve user experience and increase productivity.

Lotus Notes Domino agents are versatile functions that can automate simple, everyday IT tasks, lessen the workload for developers and administrators, and increase efficiency. Here, we've compiled our 10 most popular tips on Lotus Notes agents based on page views. Discover different and creative ways your peers are using and managing Lotus Notes Domino agents in their environments to improve user experience and productivity.


#1. Export Lotus Notes documents to Microsoft Word via Internet Explorer
Use this shared agent from member Venugopal Reddy to automatically open a Lotus Notes document in Internet Explorer and then copy and paste it into Microsoft Word using the user32.dll Windows system file.

#2. A Lotus Notes approval reminder agent
Automatically notify coworkers that a Lotus Notes document is past due for approval with this Lotus Notes agent from member Stevenson Campbell.

#3. How to create a dynamic SVG graph using a Lotus Notes agent
Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) is a language for describing two-dimensional graphics and graphical applications in XML. In this tip, member William Beh explains how to use a Lotus Notes agent to generate a dynamic SVG for a Web site.

#4. Troubleshooting malfunctioning scheduled agent notifications member Manish Chopra explains how adding a simple line in your Lotus Domino server's notes.ini file can fix malfunctioning scheduled agent notifications.

#5. Sending specific agent errors to a mailbox instead of debugging
In order to get a better handle on application errors, member Yonit David built a script library that sends an email to a specific mail database with the error information that can then be categorized by database. In this tip, she explains her logic and provides sample code.

#6. Editing fields in a Lotus Notes view with Ajax
Instead of opening a Lotus Notes view in a pop-up window, editing it and then saving it again, you can modify fields directly using Ajax. member Jinoy George explains how.

#7. How to automatically create a backup copy of your Domino Directory member Jari Riihimaki provides a Lotus Notes agent that automatically creates a backup copy of your Domino Directory. After implementing this agent, you'll never again need to restore documents back to your Domino Directory or check old configurations.

#8. Archiving Lotus Notes documents to a specified folder
Archiving Lotus Notes documents is typically a laborious task -- but not anymore. member Bob Gouin has created an agent that simplifies the process.

#9. Determine if a scheduled agent really ran during the night
This Lotus Notes Domino agent checks to make sure that critical agents scheduled to run overnight did, in fact, run.

#10. Creating custom views in Lotus Notes databases
Get code and instructions to set up a Domino agent that lets users easily create custom views in Lotus Notes databases.

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