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Step 1: Install Linux CentOS-4

Get step-by-step instructions on how to install Linux CentOS-4 on a virtual or physical client machine.

  1. With the Linux CentOS-4 disk in -- whether it is a physical or virtual machine -- boot the machine.

  2. The Linux CentOS installer will let you check the accuracy of the disk. If the disk fails, you should download the ISO image again because it is probably corrupted.

  3. Select your language and keyboard layout.

  4. You'll now see four options for which package pattern to install -- choose "Personal Desktop" and "Automatic Partitioning."

  5. On the next screen, choose "Remove all partitions on this system," just to be safe.

  6. The next screen is about GRUB, which is the boot loader. No options need to be changed here, so just proceed to the next screen.

  7. This is the networking setup, where you can manually set the hostname.

  8. The next screen deals with security. Configure your firewall and SELinux options here.

  9. Select language again and set your time zone next.

  10. The last thing to do before package installation begins is to set the root password.

  11. The summary screen will now appear. Choose "Install default software packages."

  12. After yet another summary screen, installation will begin. After the packages are installed, CentOS will reboot.

  13. After the reboot, review and accept the Linux CentOS-4 license agreement and then set your current time on the following screen.

  14. Now set the screen resolution. If you are running as a virtual machine, I recommend leaving the resolution at 800 x 600 so it can fit without scrollbars in the VMware window.

  15. Finally, you need to create a user.

  16. Just click "Next" a few more times and you're done.


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