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Tutorial: 30 LotusScript tips

Broken down into 10 beginner-level, 10 intermediate-level and 10 advanced-level tips, this LotusScript tutorial will teach you LotusScript techniques and LotusScript best practices you need to know to take your LotusScript development to the next level.

Among the plethora of sessions to choose from at Lotusphere 2007, one of the most useful and interesting was "AD505 DevBlast -- 30 LotusScript tips," a presentation from Bill Buchan, CEO of HADSL, a company that develops best-practice tools for Lotus Notes and Domino. With Bill Buchan's permission, we've repackaged his presentation here for your education and enjoyment.

Part 1 introduces 10 basic LotusScript techniques that you should already be using if you've had any previous exposure to LotusScript. These beginner-level tips are also perfect for a Notes/Domino developer just getting started with LotusScript.

Part 2 explains LotusScript best practices you should employ as part of your everyday coding. These intermediate-level tips will help you polish your routine coding methods and secure your LotusScript code.

Part 3 offers advice to experienced developers who want to take their LotusScript skills to the next level. These advanced-level tips will challenge you to use more complex LotusScript commands to improve the functionality, performance and clarity of your LotusScript code.


 Home: Introduction
 Part 1: 10 fundamental LotusScript tips
 Part 2: 10 everyday LotusScript tips
 Part 3: 10 advanced LotusScript tips
 Part 4: More LotusScript learning resources

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