• What are settings documents?

    Learn and understand everything about settings documents including setup, registration, and primary usage as well as how to inherit and enforce settings documents.  Continue Reading

  • What is a policy architecture?

    Policy architecture is a collection of policy documents, with associated settings documents, that are applied to a group of users. In order to create a policy document, you first need to create the settings to be applied to a particular policy. Next...  Continue Reading

  • Using exception policies

    An exception policy lets you create a set of configurations that ignore other policies. Use the Domino Administrator client to create this policy.  Continue Reading

  • Using Domino Administrator to manage client settings

    In this chapter excerpt from "Survival Guide for Lotus Notes and Domino Administrators," learn how to manage client settings using the Domino Administrator client and private policies.  Continue Reading

  • Creating settings and policy documents

    Complete the following steps to check your authority level. If you do not have this authority, you will need to work with a Domino administrator to obtain these roles. You must be listed in the Domino Directory ACL and assigned, at a minimum, the ...  Continue Reading

  • Viewing your policy settings

    Viewing your settings allows you to see the application of policies for a user in the Domino Directory. This is known as the effective policy. The following steps outline how to produce a policy synopsis and to display the effective policy for a ...  Continue Reading



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